Julia Caesar is a four piece Indie- Femme Rock band from Burlington Vermont


The group formed in January of 2017, inspired by a transforming music industry, in which female, femme and queer musicians are pioneering new territory, creating new genres and re-writing the rules of the game. They are in the process of mixing and mastering their first EP called Heavy Flow and plan to make an east coast tour this summer. 

Julia Caesar weaves swelling harmonies through wandering melodies, heavy abstraction and explosive optimism, stirring up what might be trying to hide. Both haunting and deeply familiar, their music cuts deep, and lingers. They experiment with sounds and words, to make the mind bend and the body move. This group brings together the talents of east coast natives, Katy Hellman, Liz Stafford and Steven Lebel as well as the lucky snag of Megan Rice from Denver, CO.  

So far the group has been lucky enough to share the stage with femme led powerhouses of Kat Wright Band, Caroline Rose and Hammydown.