We are so grateful to our community here in Burlington, VT for mirroring back to us our excitement about our project. Here are a few write ups that have been done within out local news, regarding our work on this project as well as other ways we are involved in the community. 

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SEVEN DAYS 1/10/2018 

"One of my most burning desires is to hear some proper recordings from Julia Caesar. Don't get me wrong: I get great pleasure from seeing them perform and listening to the various live recordings that are available on the internet. But I'm overwhelmed with curiosity as to what a bedroom recording would even sound like, let alone a studio record. What choices would they make? Which songs from their ever-growing catalog would make the cut? Seriously, JC: No pressure. I just like y'all a whole dang lot."

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"Tonight’s show at ArtsRiot features three female-fronted bands – Caroline Rose, Hammydown and Julia Caesar...  Women are in charge of graphics and sound for the show. Girls Rock Vermont will be on hand to bring awareness to its camps for girls interested in music... Also operating a table at ArtsRiot will be the Tuned In Collective, a Burlington organization trying to raise awareness about the needs of women and non-binary people (those who identify as being outside the categories of male or female) in the music business.

“It’s a lot to dig through even in a small town like here,” said the organization’s founder, Katy Hellman, a member of Julia Caesar. “We find very complex relationships and power dynamics that already exist.”" 


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SEVEN DAYS 11/8/17

"After brainstorming with Morin's manager and booking agent, Jenna Brower, and Katy Hellman of Burlington indie-rock band Julia Caesar and the Tuned In Collective, the musicians came up with an idea to help balance the gender scale, at least locally: Stage a show in which virtually every major role is performed by women or nonbinary people."